Onions: India’s national crisis?

Watch any Indian television news channel and you will come to know that India is facing a serious national crisis or some sort of national disaster. News reporters are laying siege of cabinet ministers, chief ministers and bureaucrats about the shortage of onions in big cities. They are dragging middle aged housewives to camera recording their reactions on how would they and their family survive without onions.The housewife doesn’t seem to be unduly worried about disappearing onions. She has a larger and wider perspective than most news reporters, when she says that not only onions are selling at the exorbitantly high price of Rs 60 a kilo, all other food is as expansive as the onions. One wonders why the rising food inflation wasn’t news until now. Thanks to disappearing onions that someone is finally talking about the food inflation.Latest figures suggest it has climbed to 12%. Though until last week several news channels were unquestioningly broadcasting government’s claim that food inflation was declining.

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