Shekhar Gupta on corrupt Indian media

Shekhar Gupta is one of India’s top journalists. He is outspoken and forthright. Recently, he made some shocking disclosures about the state of the Indian media at an Editors’ Guild Conference in New Delhi.He said that the media was playing into the hands of the government by notopposing any move to regulate the internet strongly enough. Gupta said: “The problem with print media is that too many of us are into paid news, and sponsored news, working on theme pages and so on.”He said that the drawbacks of the television media were of a different nature. “From being inquisitors, television anchors today have become judges and executioners,” he said, adding, “They get upset if people don’t recognise them in public.”Gupta said, “On the print side, the majority of us are dishonest, thugs and thieves; and on the television side, many of us feel we are the masters of the universe.”

Gupta told his audience that many media owners regularly send text messages to the Indian minister of information and broadcasting telling her how they have suppressed a particular anti-government news story.

Vijay Rana


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