Broadcast journalist Vijay Rana is the editor of the popular internet NRI Radio, NRIFM.com (www.nrifm.com) . The site has some rare interviews on Indian history, art, culture, sports and literature. It has almost 1000 minutes of very rich audio content for those seriously interested in India and NRI affairs.

A former BBC Hindi radio editor, Vijay Rana also writes from London for one of India’s leading English broadsheets, the Indian Express. He has extensively written for the BBC, India Today and Times and many more newspapers and magazines.

Vijay Rana is the author of one of the most beautiful books on Mahatma Gandhi. The book is – ‘Mahatma Gandhi: Images and Ideas for Non-violence‘. 

It is a collection of about 100 images of Gandhi’s statues, posters, paintings and graffiti, collected from around the world. Each image is accompanied by a quotation of Mahatma Gandhi to give readers a comprehensive view of Gandhian thought. View sample pages.  Want to buy this book write to: editor[at]nrifm.com.

A keen photographer his photo stream on Flickr could be seen here.

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